New: Diode lasers 3 in 1 up to 1600 Watt laser power

For 20 years Bowie Medical has been a successful supplier of diode laser systems. This fall we introduce a new tabletop model, multiple wavelengths in one hand piece and more power on a larger tip. Of course always the best … Lees meer

PEARL4SMILE-high performance whitening powder

PEARL4SMILE (50 gr) is our latest teeth whitening powder, it is provided with finely ground sea pearls and sea pearls have the property that it has a purifying effect on your skin, so it is also good for your gums … Lees meer

New Compact display KARAJA Dark K.

Karaja has a very nice compact display for your salon. A well-arranged item where you can show your make up products from kajra in an instant. The display consists of 3 trays with the catorgory well displayed together. This display … Lees meer

Say goodbye to razor blades!

How does the Kristalpad work?The secret to the Allure Kristalpad lies in its ultrafine crystalline design. Allure Kristalpad is a gentle depilation method, dermatologically tested with ‘Very good’ as its test result. It’s subtle enough so it doesn’t damage your … Lees meer

Jean d’Arcel: Prestige Vitamin+

Would you like to give new freshness to the skin? Jean d’Arcel’s Prestige line refreshes tired skin and gives it a healthy and youthful appearance. Experience the power of vitamins and combine the power of a highly effective cocktail of … Lees meer

Make your gift voucher a real gift !

It’s Jeso and you! The largest choice in original gift vouchers. Why the “Jeso gift voucher” is the solution … The gift voucher provides in a simple way with a minimal investment for both extra sales and new customers. Know … Lees meer

NEW: Cobra Beauty Blenders!

Go for a uniform, smooth blending thanks to the Beauty Blenders from Cobra Cosmetics! Very soft, smooth sponge for even application of make-up. — Ecological & cruelty free — Smooth uniform blending — Latex free — Wet or dry use … Lees meer

Trolley case

Looking for a sturdy work case? Available again in mid-October! quality trolley cases The inside is beautifully finished with an extra layer of translucent PE plastic. This also makes the trolley easy to keep clean. The top can be used … Lees meer

Fil & Or Cream

LUNO presents its Crema Fil & Or, an attractive new product in the field of cosmetics. A silky, concentrated cream to be applied to the face for daily anti-ageing care. A miracle of beauty that restores youthful radiance to your … Lees meer

Cobra Eyelash Foam Cleanser

A must have for good aftercare of eyelash extensions! Daily cleaning of the eyelashes is very important when wearing eyelash extensions. This reduces the risk of irritated or inflamed skin around the eyelashes and allergic reactions can be prevented. In … Lees meer