ItalWax: film resin and strip resin for the professional.

ItalWax offers professional film wax and strip wax for all hair removal applications.  A wide range of beads, cans and resin cartridges adapted to any working method, zones as well as hairs.  In addition, ItalWax has a wide range of … Lees meer

WONDR LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, DO GOOD! is a start-up that develops truly WONDR-ful products: they are packed with natural ingredients, foam wonderfully and gentle on your skin. No nasties, like sulfates, parabens or silicones. 100% plastic-free, no animal-testing and vegan. Discover all WONDR bars and … Lees meer


Master the must-haves of eye beauty, with our premium kit containing everything you need to start your business and allow you to offer these innovative and trendy treatments to your clients . With the latest innovation of GIOIĀ COSMETICS 2-in-1 … Lees meer


Reconcile your inexperienced clients with make-up with our sweat-proof powdered eyebrow powdered, sweat-proof eyebrow pad. Accompanied by stencils that adapt to all shapes of all shapes of eyebrows. Easy to use for easy-to-use eyebrows.


A GIOIĀ COSMETICS innovation, the LASH BRA has been specially designed to limit the loss of eyelash extensions during sleep, it will become your clients’ ally. Comfortable, flexible, adjustable thanks to its strap behind the head, it does not pull … Lees meer

The simplicity and power of Akzentz Trinity Gel

The Akzentz Pro-Formance 1-step gel is a super versatile product!  It provides optimal adhesion, gives strength to the nail and has a glossy finish. So you can use this gel as a base coat because it has extra adhesive properties.  … Lees meer


A unique innovation from GIOIĀ COSMETICS, we exclusively offer you the golden BROW,j a pencil with two refills and a thick tip for a precise line with ease! Available in four shades: CAPPUCCINO / MACHIATTO / TOFFEE / ESPRESSO A … Lees meer

Special Guest Celina Ryden

With nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram, Celina Ryden, international nail artiste, is one of the biggest names in the nail industry.  During this fair, she will be giving exclusive demonstrations at MONAI’s booth.  Celina Ryden is the inspirer of MoonFlair … Lees meer

300€ discount for your first order!

ESTETIKA SPECIAL OFFER: Get 300€ off your first order, with no minimum purchase and no commitment.Offer available on the ROSEGOLD Paris stand, only for the first 300 orders.

Free presentation – New technique of pedicure

Try out the new foot technique for yourself — we’re waiting for you at our stand 1/B19. ALTA disc pedicure is a modern, quick & efficient pedicure technique using innovative ALTA discs. No more water, manual filing or blades!