icoone: A revolutionary technology for skincare

As a skincare expert, you are always on the lookout for innovative treatments to help your clients take optimal care of their skin and maintain a youthful appearance. One of the treatments that can assist you in this endeavor is … Lees meer

CareScence – Test a 100% Belgian product

CareScence — Made in Belgium CareScence is a product with natural and organic components for face and body. A natural plant-based treatment that regenerates, hydrates and soothes all skin types, even the most sensitive. Protects against the annoying effects of … Lees meer

Free Workshop/Training… to book on our stand B16 Hall 3

1/ Our brand new Lazer HR808 diode with cooled treatment head, for hair removal by lights, extremely fast, ultra efficient and without any feeling… And our brand new “XL Quanty body platform, 8 technologies in 1 machine!!! (Cryo, Lipolysis Lazer, … Lees meer


Make your beauty sleep complete with the Beauty Pillow Sheets! Beauty Pillow is the specialist in satin pillowcases for years. With the Beauty Pillow Sheets you not only have the satin pillowcases, but also a beautiful matching sheet. The sheet … Lees meer

What added value does LPG bring to your beauty salon?

As a beauty professional, you want to give your clients the best results, work time-efficiently, relieve your own body and maximise your turnover. An LPG® endermology device helps you achieve this. 1. You get better results With an LPG device, … Lees meer

Relax Sensation PRO-S Massage table – Treatment table – AWARD WINNING PRODUCT 2023

Welcome to the most sensational and groundbreaking beauty fair of the year — Estetika Autumn 2023, in the bustling heart of Brussels! Prepare yourself for an enchanting experience brimming with innovation, beauty, and luxury. And guess who shines at this … Lees meer

A new adventure

It’s time for the OVA permanent make up team to show you their products in Belgium… See you in September

New edition

The countdown is on… Join us at Estetika to stock up on new products and take advantage of special offers! Indigonails, Poshlashes and Hédonista will be there… There will also be an area dedicated to demonstrations. If you want to … Lees meer

Discover Lisine’s first cosmeceutical treatment: PRO Xpert

A COSMECEUTICAL LIES ON THE BORDERLINE BETWEEN CONVENTIONAL COSMETICS AND MEDICAL COSMETICS. Cosmeceuticals are formulated in the laboratory with bioactive ingredients based on their medical and scientific effects, and act on the deeper layers of the skin. In our PRO … Lees meer


With the purchase of a €220 starter package, you get a free display with it. Starter pack €220: 4 x 4 pieces of shampoo (Tita, Fizo, Octo & Bunsy) 4 pieces of curly shampoo (Mello) 4 pieces leave-in (Frida) 3 … Lees meer