Ateliers by Estetika

The concept ‘Ateliers by Estetika is reserved for the spring editions of Estetika. More info on this will follow with regards to Estetika Spring 16-17-18 March 2024.  

Discover the power of true microcurrent

Real microcurrent treatment is also known as a non-surgical facelift. To optimise its effect, Bio-Therapeutic uses the patented Suzuki Sequencing Technology in combination with kinesiological techniques. This boosts the skin’s energy levels and lengthens or shortens the muscles of the … Lees meer

I want to create my own cosmetics brand… but how do I do it?

We offer you two options to choose from: Either you wish to create your own formulas, our team is at your disposal. Or you can choose from our catalogue of standard formulas “Prêt à beauté”. Formulas from 499 euros

Biologique Recherche presents its latest scientific innovation to fight established wrinkles: Collagène Originel

Biologique Recherche’s Research & Development department has found the purest collagen in a primitive planktonic organism that hasn’t evolved in more than 600 million years. It is so ancient that it is the historical strain of all collagen types, the original base in … Lees meer

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