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Tooth Fairy

Street + nr.Aeulistrasse 1
City9470 Buchs
Telephone+41 81 256 50 60

Tooth Fairy will be offering Tooth Whitening and Tooth Crystals at the exhibition.

Tooth Whitening Starter Kits will cost €1200 at the exhibition instead of €1699.  You will receive 10 extra tooth whitening treatments when you order at the exhibition.  Normally you receive 25 treatments but instead you will receive 35 and a tooth crystal kit that contains 50 crystals.  The process is very simple and, also, if you decide to buy, we will give you a free tooth whitening treatment at our stand and we will explain all the steps. The tooth whitening treatment will retail for €70-100 in your salon and tooth crystals for €20-30.  The tooth whitening starter set includes everything you need to start tooth whitening. The products are available in English, French or Dutch.  Training is online along with a download section that offers you a certificate, client contracts, marketing and publicity and much more.  There are over 20 downloads to help you organize your tooth whitening in your salon. This means immediate profits for you! 

In addition, to take advantage of the fair price, you only need to pay a €200 deposit, the rest you can pay in the terms you want and in the amounts you need. Once the total is paid, the new machine is sent with all its components. If you pay the deposit at the exhibition you will receive your tooth crystal kit immediately.  

If you already have tooth whitening in your salon and are looking for an alternative product each kit will cost €23.  My produce our gel in the USA so it is a much better product than you find in Europe.  If you order 20 tooth whitening treatments you will receive 5 for free.

We also sell the tooth crystal kits for your salon. It consists of everything you need to apply tooth crystals. There will be two sizes available.  A Promotional Kit will cost €199 and instead of 50 crystals you will receive 75! An Extra Small Kit will cost €300 instead of €335 and will contain 200 crystals instead of 100, 4 gold pieces in different shapes and also a special glue for crowns/veneers.  Each tooth crystal retails for €20-30.  You only need three minutes to apply them.  Training is included with the kit either by a DVD or by you tube videos. 

You can try our products at our booth during the exhibition. Tooth Whitening will cost €50 and Tooth Crystals €30.

You can view all of our products on You Tube.  Here is the link.