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Dr Niedermaier Hyaluron Beauty Drink is now available in Belgium.

Global anti-aging in a bottle
Intended for those who wish to combat the signs of aging and replenish their skin by deeply restoring its water reserves, Hyaluron Beauty Drink acts from the inside to fight cell oxidation, provide optimal hydration, smooth the skin, plump it from the inside and restore the radiance and beauty of healthy skin.

Revolution in the world of beauty
Hyaluron Beauty Drink is the result of the combination of Regulatessenz® concentrate, which is very rich in essential nutrients, and vitamin C, natural silica, biotin, zinc, copper and vegan hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight and very high quality.

The result? A new nutri-cosmetic that acts globally on the whole body for incredible effectiveness, designed to replenish and support the skin’s hyaluronic acid reserves as well as the biological processes of beauty.

Mirror, my beautiful mirror….
A recent study by the German Dermatest Institute has demonstrated the spectacular and long-lasting effects of Hyaluron Beauty Drink:
After only 40 days of cure:
– Wrinkle reduction jusqu´à 38% Wrinkle reduction
– Increase in hydration jusqu´à 37%.
– Smoother skin jusqu´à 27% smoother skin
– More elastic skin jusqu´à 26% more elastic skin
– Stronger hair in 50% of participants
– Strongest nails in 45% of participants

Alternative Natural Trade Solution