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Electronic payment combined with your professional agenda

We offer several reliable and affordable electronic payment solutions with no long-term commitment. With these options, you can trigger a payment from your agenda, view payment status and generate reports. Our payment solutions are secure, reliable and among the most affordable on the market.

1) Free QR code payment
You pay no transaction fees when you use Mobminder QR codes. Our SEPA QR codes work throughout Europe.

2) Payment with Payconiq QR code
Your agenda generates Payconiq QR codes (available in Belgium and Luxembourg). If you already have a Payconiq account, we can link it to your Mobminder agenda.

3) Bank Card reading with fixed payment terminal
You trigger payments directly from your agenda. We negotiate the best transaction rates with the banks.

4) Bank card reading with your smartphone
You accept contactless payments with your phone using our Mobminder Pay mobile application. This solution eliminates the need to purchase and maintain a payment terminal. It also travels with you wherever you are.

5) Online prepayment
Avoid unpaid bills and no-shows. Associated with your online appointment booking page, you specify the amount of the deposit to be deducted for each service.

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