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Hydroimpact – Hydrogen therapy for healthy skin – for the first time in the World!

Hydroimpact – Hydrogen therapy for healthy skin – for the first time in the World!

Molecular hydrogen with it’s scientifically proven advantages is a real breakthrough in natural non-invasive skin therapies and regeneration.

Key point of the treatment is elimination of harmful oxygen free radicals and improvement of skin moisture. Additionally skin pores are deeply cleansed while dead skin cells are gently removed.

Your skin will become clean, fresh and healthy thank to Hydroimpact!

Deep cleansing of facial skin pores and other areas.

Hydrogen water jet have ability of deep skin penetration and cleansing like no other technology. Even smallest improprieties will be fully cleaned. After the treatment you will have a feeling of freshness and lightness.

Anti-aging – unique function of hydrogen

Free radicals are responsible for skin aging and various skin problems.

Neutralization of free oxygen radicals restores natural abilities of skin cells. Skin will become more healthy and regain it’s natural balance despite the influence of time.

Reduction and prevention of skin pigmentation.

Skin exfoliation with hydrogen water results in elimination of pigmentation located on outer skin layers. As hydrogen particles penetrate easily in deeper skin layers As result skin cells became more healthy and get regain natural balance which is helpful in regulation of production of melanin (skin pigment). Hydroimpact treatment is also prevention for after sun pigmentation.

Exfoliation of dead skin cells with hydrogen water jet.

Hydro-W handpiece generates hydrogen water flow under high pressure which works as a ultra-precise peeling. It removes the dead skin cells. Residues of cosmetics, make-up or even air pollution particles. Skin remains perfectly bright, clean and fresh.

Reduction and regulation of sebum production.

During the treatment sebaceous glands are cleaned and unblocked. Hydrogen is penetrating skin deeply and regulate production of sebum. As a result we can enjoy healthy, less oily and moisture skin which improves our life comfort.

Alleviation of skin inflammatory. Anti-bacterial properties.

Acne, skin inflammatory are efficiently cleaned and disinfected due to hydrogen properties. Skin after the treatment is in ideal condition for further regeneration and there is visible improvement of various skin problems caused by inflammation. Hydroimpact also ensure prevention for acne and skin inflammation.

Wrinkle reduction
Deep cleansing
Pigmentation and discoloration reduction
Skin Revitalization
Avellation of skin inflammations
Improvement of skin elasticity
Improvement of skin colorite
Acne treatment
Hair loss and scalp skin therapy
Reduction of production of sebum

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