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Jovena®: the latest combination of techniques for skin rejuvenation and tightening

Jovena® combines 2 patented energies in 1 device: on the one hand radio frequency with muscle contractions (DiatermoContraction®) and on the other hand Fractional Plasma® in a roller.
DiatermoContraction® is a combination of inducing muscle contractions for muscle strengthening (call it a workout for your face), which provides lifting and contouring of the face, while the radiofrequency ensures the stimulation of new collagen and the contraction of existing collagen and elastin fibers. The handpiece used for this is called FaceStim® and has a patented reticular geometry for optimized and homogeneous heat distribution.
PlasmaROLL® is a disposable roller, specially developed for skin rejuvenation of larger surfaces such as face and décolleté, with minimal recovery time. The dense matrix of holes on the roller ensures the correct distance to the skin and reduces the risk of side effects on sensitive areas. This only works on the area targeted, without damaging deeper layers of the skin and affecting the health of surrounding tissues. In this way, the production of new collagen is stimulated, existing elastin fibers contract and the skin structure (wrinkles and pores) improves.
We are happy to demonstrate this during our workshops on Saturday and Monday. Be sure to come by!