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Monday 01/04/2019 16-22h Mega Workshp/Open Doors Free…. 14 Vip’s and Champions on 1200 m2 in our showroom The Biggest in Belgium…

1/ Our brand new Lazer HR808 diode with cooled treatment head, for hair removal by lights,  Extremely fast, ultra efficient and without any feeling any more …. And our brand new “XL Quanty body platform, 8 technologies in 1 machine !!! (Cryo, Lipolysis Lazer, Ultrasounds, Shockwaves, Radiofrequency, Vacuum massage, Light Therapy and Infra Red, Push Impact for Scar) and an infrared camera medical diagnostic system … the Complete Top for Slimming, Remodeling and Rejuvenation of the body.


2/BDR Goldeneye Concept: Beauty defect Repair, 7 treatments combining microneedeling, microdermabrasion, hyaluronic lip propulsion, and acidic peels … free Demo and continuous test.


3/ Goldeneye Micropigmentation Specials technics and Nano blading Free workshop by Luba , our teacher 1st price 2015…

A free workshop-training « Goldeneye special technics  » and “Nano blading” on our estétika stand,  will give u  the possibility to sell  7 new technics of work “Nano blading”, “special hair by hair by goldeneye” eyeliner 2 color and “squared eye liner ”, optical  lifting , lip anti -age etc…


4/Make from your classic UVlamp, a  new UV and  LED lamp!

just changing your bulbs by our universal bulb 19 € htva!!!

Hard all Led-gels in 30 sec and  all Uv-gels in 40 seconds !!!


5/Discover our new “Nail Selection French competition” gel  on our stand 311 – Palais 3.

So thin and concentrate in white pigments , That you can use it up of your builder,  just under your finishing gel, without any transparence or difference of level…

There is only 1 mm to file on the rebalancing appointment!!


Les Professions Medico Esthétiques