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MSB® Cosmeceuticals

The brand

Highly effective quality products

MSB® Cosmeceuticals is a registered trademark distributed by Skin Care Manufaktur GmbH and stands for professional skin care and aesthetic medicine.

-State-of-the-art cosmetic research and development
Innovative, systematic care for the treatment of undesirable skin conditions

-Unique products with therapeutically active ingredients in high concentrations
Highest, tested quality

-Simple, effective facial care system with guarantee



The fastest way to a lift without surgery

With ALPHA-TROPHOX112®, MSB Cosmeceuticals complements its product portfolio with a unique anti-aging care line with Botox effect that visibly rejuvenates the skin’s appearance and provides lasting care.

With the specially developed active ingredient complex ALPHA AC3 Repair-Complex, the line starts where standard care is no longer sufficient and successfully combats the visible signs of skin ageing.




Basic Line

Perfect skin in 3 steps

The Basic Line from MSB® Cosmeceuticals has everything you need for a permanently beautiful and healthy-looking complexion. Simply applied, the highly effective ingredients effectively and sustainably fulfil the individual care needs of the skin.

-The MSB® care ritual consists of three care steps:
-BASIC CARE (cleansing)
-SPECIAL CARE (care with active ingredients) and
-FINAL CARE (final care)

SPECIAL CARE EXTRA are special care products with extra active ingredients as well as additional products.
FINAL CARE SUN completes the line with high-quality sun care products.

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