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Discover the power of true microcurrent

Real microcurrent treatment is also known as a non-surgical facelift. To optimise its effect, Bio-Therapeutic uses the patented Suzuki Sequencing Technology in combination with kinesiological techniques. This boosts the skin’s energy levels and lengthens or shortens the muscles of the face for a lifting, firming effect

Clinically proven results

Our unique technology:

* Boosts the skin’s energy level (ATP) by 300% to 500%

* Improves collagen synthesis by 14%* and elastin synthesis by 48%*

* Improves blood circulation by 39%*

* Stimulates fibroblasts and wound healing

* Improves skin texture and complexion

* Lifts and firms the skin

*Clinical study of 100 people over 20 days

Experience it yourself

Would you like to experience for yourself how this unique technology feels and see the immediate results? Visit our booth for a no-obligation experience.

Bio-Therapeutic Benelux