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Revolutionary Fractional RF Microneedle Device – Ellisys Plus

A new unique technology that makes a difference.

Ellisys Plus is medical device class IIb. This device is a advanced RF microneedle system, which offers very good results with maximal comfort and minimal recovery time.
Ellisys Plus combines the phenomenon of bipolar radiofrequency with a microneedling
and with LED light. It delivers effectiveness and effects from the first use.
During the procedure, sterile microneedles are inserted into the dermis and into the subcutaneous tissue at the desired depth, and then radio frequency pulses are emitted.
Thermally controlled tissue damage induces an immediate contractions of collagen fibers, which gives an instant lifting effect and improves skin tension. As a result of the healing and regeneration process as well as the impact of energy, neocolagenesis is stimulated and the skin is firmed. After treatment overall spectacular improvement of the quality and condition of the skin is visable.

Indications for the ELLISYS Plus treatment:

– Flabby skin of the face, neck and cleavage
– Strech marks
– Acne scars
– Flabby skin on the body (arms, abdomen, thighs, knees, buttocks)
– Wrinkles and fine lines on the face and neck (also around the mouth and under the eyes)
– Dropping upper eyelid
– Discoloration, pigmentation spots
– Active acne
– Acne scars

The effects of ELLISYS Plus:
– Smoothing wrinkles and fine lines on the face, neck and cleavage
– Lifting the upper eyelids
– Brightening of discoloration
– Skin tone restoration
– Smoothing out stretch marks and scars
– Reduction of acne scars

The results of ELLISYS Plus

– Visible improvement in the density of the skin on the face in the area of the chin, the oval of the jaw and neck
– Reduction of „second chin”
– Modeling the contours of the face
– Reducing size of the sebaceous glands
– Reduction of excessive sweating
– Skin preparation for other treatments

Invasive device using 1Mhz bipolar radio frequency MTS (microneedle therapy system).

When the microneedle is under the skin’s surface, RF energy is emitted from the tip of the needle. Thanks to the wound healing effect and RF energy, our skin produces more collagen to improve skin condition and treat skin problems.

Advanced software Ellisys Plus offers fully automated advanced control software.
It is possible to set energy level, emission time (up to 900ms) and needle depth (up to 3.5,mm). Energy is delivered after the needles are gently inserted to minimize possibility of skin burn.

„One of the systems I used during the past 3-4 years is the ELLISYS which is one of the best micro needle RF system I work with.
It is very reliable, it has very nice software and many
Whether 25 or 49 needle, insulated or non-insulated…”

Dr. Ashraf Badawi, Md, PhD Canada
Vice President of European Society for
Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology „ESCAD”
President of European Society for
Lasers and energy based Devices „ESLD”


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