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Free Workshop/Training… to book on our stand B16 Hall 3

1/ Our brand new Lazer HR808 diode with cooled treatment head, for hair removal by lights, extremely fast, ultra efficient and without any feeling… And our brand new “XL Quanty body platform, 8 technologies in 1 machine!!! (Cryo, Lipolysis Lazer, Ultrasounds, Shockwaves, Radiofrequency, Vacuum massage, Light Therapy and Infra Red, Push Impact for Scar) and an infrared camera medical diagnostic system … the complete top for Slimming, Remodeling and Rejuvenation of the body.


2/ Meso-Micro Needeling, Bio Stimulation, Mesotherapy by micro-injections and “Baby Glow” permanent foundation

L’esprit DermatoLogique® Selvert Thermal Swiss

Professional quality, European manufacture, Device 5 speed settings and penetration control, sterilizable, rechargeable and dual battery included. High concentration of active ingredients and biocompatibility, with Hyaluronic face lips, Bottox, Organic Sylicon, Vitamin C, AcidTranexamic (pigmentary), and body Phosphatidicoline, Carnitine, Pure Artichoke, Draining Booster etc …

Correction of scars, acne holes, rejuvenation, radiance, scalp treatments etc … Full kit + training from 890 euros.

3/ Acic Dermatological Peeling Selvert Thermal Swiss, 25%!  : PYRUVIC, FERULIC, SUCCINIC, AZELAIC, LACTIC, SHIKIMIC, SALICYLIC, The unstoppable technique for a new skin…

Les Professions Médico Esthétiques