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Marc Inbane BV

Rue + n°Goirkekanaaldijk 211-04
Localité5048 AA Tilburg
PaysThe Netherlands
DescriptionABOUT MARC INBANE The innovative products and unique self-tan formulas of MARC INBANE make the brand a leading player in the field of tanning cosmetics. The products are used in shows of influential fashion houses and many celebrities derive their natural appearance from it. The Dutch brand has received multiple awards and is currently being sold in over 40 countries. MARC INBANE is used and recommended by dermatologists, hair- and make-up artists.
Produits/ ActivitésMARC INBANE is haute couture tanning, known for the award-winning Natural Tanning Spray. With Perle de Soleil, MARC INBANE is taking the next step in self tanning. This innovative product turns your favorite day cream into a natural self-tanner and is the perfect solution for customized self-tanning. The drops can easily be mixed with any day cream during the existing skin care routine. The 4-fold tanning technology ensures a tailor-made and healthy, natural-looking complexion. MARC INBANE offers all must-have products for a safe and even tanning and recently added La Hydratant and Le Teint to the collection, a natural and tinted hygroplex moisturizer with BronzylTM