Aftermovie Estetika Spring 2024

Watch the aftermovie of Estetika Spring 2024 below!

Bloomedical Ateliers by Estetika

Are you intrigued by the idea of laser hair removal using the cutting-edge Soprano™ technology from Alma Lasers? Or perhaps you’re curious about a lunchtime facelift with Jovena®? Look no further! Join us for daily presentations where we delve into the intricacies … Lees meer

Discover the Jojoba Care Atelier by Estetika

Jojoba Care is a Belgian manufacturer of professional skincare products with jojoba oil as the main ingredient. The products can be easily combined for optimal care tailored to the needs of the skin and the wishes of the customer. They … Lees meer

LPG® Group

World leader, LPG® Group is a French company that has been designing and commercializing non-aggressive and non-invasive solutions for body shaping, facial rejuvenation, and physiotherapy since 1986. Today, it operates in over 100 countries, serving healthcare professionals, beauty experts, and … Lees meer

Discover the Spinée Atelier by Estetika

Spinée presents a brand of natural cosmetics made in Belgium. Working with Spinée means offering your clients a skincare experience where beauty goes hand in hand with quality, naturalness and effectiveness. Meet the makers and their tailor-made facial care protocols … Lees meer

Discover the icoone Atelier by Estetika

Senitas House of Skin Care presents icoone, a skin care technology based on advanced Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation. Experience the effects of this treatment at Atelier AE5. Book your icoone experience via this link.

Discover the Gharieni Atelier by Estetika

Gharieni aims to provide a memorable and impactful treatment experience with scientifically verified health and wellness benefits. Discover Gharieni’s Mind-Body Wellness Technologies and the award-winning Welnamis model in Atelier AE10. 


ALBI LIQUID POLYGEL: The most innovative for quick and durable nail reinforcement. You can use it for extensions on forms, correcting extensions, repairing NP, completing corners, or reinforcing nails. This material combines the easy application properties of the BASE and … Lees meer

Your own icoone Esperience at Estetika!

Discover the possibilities of icoone in your practice during Estetika, experience the treatment yourself in a one-on-one with our trainer and ask all your questions about the impact of icoone on your business model. We welcome you from March 16 … Lees meer

New facial (electric) epilator with patent

NEW! EXTRA FAST ELECTRIC EPILATION Now quickly and gently pluck facial hairs, from eyebrows to chin, for a flawless experience. Remove single or multiple hairs from the face Due to electric drive, up to 10x faster than tweezers Pulls out … Lees meer