Thanks to the new foil gel, no foil will ever release the nail.

This transparent Effect Gel leaves a sticky layer after curing, which can be used to apply Nail Art Foils. The sticky layer, which appears after curing, guarantees a perfect adhesion of your foils, which makes this gel a lot easier … Lees meer


Monday 01/04/2019 16-22h Mega Workshp/Open Doors Free…. 14 Vip’s and Champions on 1200 m2 in our showroom The Biggest in Belgium…

1/ Our brand new Lazer HR808 diode with cooled treatment head, for hair removal by lights,  Extremely fast, ultra efficient and without any feeling any more …. And our brand new “XL Quanty body platform, 8 technologies in 1 machine … Lees meer


GOLDEN ROSE has a great promotion and brings new products to the exhibition!

We have a great promotion at the fair 2 + 1 FREE on all Golden Rose products. All combinations are possible. We also have our NEW eyeshadow with us to the fair! SOFT COLOR MONO EYESHADOW A soft texture that … Lees meer



Next weekend we will be at the Estetika exhibition in Brussels Expo and that includes special offers! — Buy now and benefit from FREE trainings! — There is also a 15% discount on the training courses of Julia Gerus and … Lees meer


Come and try the table you want for free 30 minutes !

Come and try Malea’s tables for 30 free minutes on Monday March 25th ! Invite the personn you want and offer her any treatment, wellness or beauty care on a Malea’s table. As a practitioner, this test allows you to be … Lees meer


Walk on clouds with our new Foot Care range!

This new Foot Care range combines the power of professional products with skin-softening freshness. The key ingredient is eucalyptus oil, a powerful natural disinfectant with an anti-inflammatory effect, ideal for sensitive and easily irritated skin. A wonderful moment of care … Lees meer


NEW Revolutionary anti-aging with Apple of Sodom!

This year AHAVA launched the Apple of Sodom line. Are you tired of wrinkles and are you thinking of botox? First try the natural botox effect from Apple or Sodom. The line has been specifically developed to prevent wrinkles. In … Lees meer


NEW Detox & Glow with Anti Wrinkle + Detox

This year the highly anticipated Anti Wrinkle + Detox collection was launched. Research is clear: Pollutants, free radicals and HEV / blue light can damage the health of your skin, increase inflammation and accelerate the signs of aging. To ensure … Lees meer


NEW Estime & Sens!

Estime & Sens creates high-quality products with respect for people and nature. It combines organic, refinement and efficiency. Currently, 120,000 products are sold per year with distribution in as many as 8 countries! By 2020, 1 consumer out of 2 … Lees meer


CLARE BLANC: the mineral make-up!

CLARE BLANC mineral makeup consists of 100% natural minerals of the highest quality. The pure ingredients are not only healthy for your skin, but a big plus for your makeup routine. CLARE BLANC make-up line uses pure pigments, which ensures … Lees meer